Are paper clips made out of lead?

Do paper clips contain lead? Paper clips that are made of paper, plastic, or wood do not have lead in them. Lead is a metal. That is why only metal paper clips may contain lead. Though they are made of galvanized steel wire, there are chances of lead traces in them. What material is a … Read more

Are shaklee products safe?

Is Shaklee made in China? The manufacturer and multi-level marketer of nutrition and personal care products opens its doors in Beijing. Shaklee China is built upon two manufacturing facilities, a service center, 18 pick-up centers and a Beijing office, the company says Jan. Are Shaklee vitamins third party tested? We perform over 100,000 quality tests … Read more

Are pudding stones worth anything?

What do you do with pudding stones? pudding stones that are found often are collectible. Some are turned into jewelry, knickknacks and garden decorations. Families sometimes even pass them down as heirlooms. Are pudding stones common? Because pudding stones are so prevalent to Michigan, the state has developed a small industry of making novelties and … Read more

Are aldo shoes true to size?

Is Aldo a luxury? Is Aldo A Luxury Brand? No, Aldo is not a luxury brand. The items that you will find in their stores are pretty reasonable. What ALDO does is that they take inspiration from luxury brands and create products similar to them but at a very affordable price. Should I size up … Read more

Are old ping putters worth anything?

How can I tell how old my PING putter is? Contact the Ping Consumer Relations Department by phone at (800) 474-6434 or through an online contact form available on the company’s website. Provide the serial number to the representative, who will be able to find the manufacturing date and any other specifics regarding the club. … Read more