Can i get a refund on match com?

What is the cancellation policy for match com?

Your Right to Cancel—You may cancel your subscription, without penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date you subscribed.

What happens if I cancel my match subscription?

Once your subscription term ends, you won’t be able to receive and respond to Messages anymore, but you’ll still be able to sign in to your account. Your profile and photos will remain visible, unless you choose to manually Hide them.

How do I get a refund from match com UK?

To request a refund or exchange, just ask our Customer Care team. Please note that refunds are available for purchases of first-time subscriptions and upgrades, and the refund total is calculated on a pro-rata basis. No refunds will be given for renewals, Boosts or Incognito purchases.

How hard is it to cancel Match?

Deleting your Profile

To permanently delete your account, you need to call them at 800-326-5161 and insist on a complete deletion. The process is quite simple once you have told that you are really, really sure you want to delete your account. Want more information about online dating?

Can you cancel match Com within 14 days?

If you don’t want to continue with your subscription, you can cancel the automatic renewal in ‘My account settings’. You get a 14-day cooling-off period on any subscription purchase. To request a refund or exchange, just ask our Customer Care team.

Is Match worth the price?

So is Match worth it? Yes – if you’re 28+ and looking for a serious relationship. It’s one of the best dating sites for single professionals, so you’ll find plenty of high-quality matches. And if you’re dating over 50, it is hands down the best site for you.

How do I remove my credit card from match com?

To do this, simply go to your Subscription Status page, and then select the `Change Payment Method` link under the payment details on file.

Does match com charge monthly?

Are you wondering how much does Match cost? price is a marginally less expensive choice. You have the option of paying $35.99 a month for a monthly account, $19.99 for three months, $17.99 for six months, or $15.99 a month for an annual membership.

How do I cancel my Match subscription UK?

Go to “My account settings” by clicking on your profile photo at the top-right hand corner of any Match page. Click “manage my subscription”. Confirm your login details and click “Continue the cancellation”.

How do I contact match com UK by phone?

If you would like to delete your profile and remove your details from the site, please call our dedicated Customer Care team on 020 386 85 628.

How do I complain to Match?

If you have a customer care issue, please contact Match Customer Care at 1-800-92-MATCH (1-800-926-2824) or visit the Customer Care here.

Does anyone use match com anymore?

In fact, about 200,000 people a year find love on this well-respected dating site (and companion app). If you’re looking for a long term relationship with a genuine person, you can trust to present you with the best quality matches in one of the largest dating sites in the world.

How much does match com cost for 6 months? Cost

Can non paying Match members reply?

This feature allows free members to reply to paid subscriber emails. The paid subscriber assumes the cost as this requires an additional Add-On purchase. Once the purchase is complete, the paid subscriber must send an email to the free member.

Is Bumble better than Match?

While we think that Match might lead to a higher ratio of great matches, Bumble offers a lot more usability and still manages to show people matches that fit their personality and preferences. For those reasons, we believe that Bumble is the better dating site. However, Match is still a great choice for many users.

What is the cheapest Match subscription?

The 3-month plan ($29.99 a month), 6-month plan ($21.99 a month), and 12-month plan ($17.99 per month with a 60% savings). The Premium Match Plans are for singles who want to get the best results. The 12-month plan is the best deal of all the membership packages at $15.99 a month.

Which is better eHarmony or match com?

While Match comes with interesting standout features and with more affordable memberships — we believe eHarmony is the winner here. Its unique matching system alone has the power to match you with someone who shares the same goals and values, and statistically, it’s responsible for countless marriages in the U.S.

How much is Match subscription UK?

‘ Paid membership (from £9.99 a month): Allows you to chat with other members, view members who added you to their likes, receive a special selection of Match singles and save on tickets to Match events.

Can I suspend my Match account?

You can stop your subscription by going to ‘Manage My Subscription’. To the left of the screen, click ‘Help’ and then ‘Suspend my account. ‘ To finalize, click ‘Suspend my account.

How do I contact Match customer services?

Available Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm and 9am-7:30pm on Sunday.

  1. Private Shopping. For concierge services and private appointments please contact us as below. t: +44 (0)333 321 2167. …
  2. Press Office. For press enquiries and private events, please contact us as below. t: +44 (0)20 7819 7934. …
  3. Head Office. The Shard.

Can you email match com?

To access Match’s online Help Center, go to in your web browser. Then, click Help at the bottom of the screen. Click the Email Us button on the right to access this screen. Once you’ve entered all your information, click Send.

Can you call on Match? Lets Online Daters Call or Text Message Without Revealing Their Phone Numbers. The popular online dating service gives subscribers virtual phone numbers they can use to call and text potential dates. Online dating is a competitive market.

How do I report a scammer on match com?

Simply click on the Report a Concern link, which can be found on every member profile and at the bottom of every email. Non-members, including former members, can report concerning behavior by contacting our Customer Care team. When you report a concern, it is completely anonymous.

How reliable is match com?

Is legit? Yes, Match is definitely legitimate. Match has been around since 1993, making it one of the oldest and most well-established online dating services available. Millions of people like you have used Match and successfully started long-term relationships – maybe you’ll be next!

How do I deactivate my Match account?

Open the Google Play Store app from your home screen. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), and scroll down and tap Account. Tap Subscriptions. Tap the Match Then tap Cancel, and then Yes to confirm you want to cancel your payments to that app through your device and Google Play account.

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