Are victor victrola records worth anything?

Are Victor Records worth money?

It is a fact that the vast majority of “old 78 RPM” records we come across are worth between 50 cents and $2.00 each (and often far less, depending on condition). Hundreds of thousands of early 78 RPM recordings survive today, and we often find them sold by the crates at swap meets and garage sales for a few bucks.

What is an old Victrola worth?

Antique Victrola Values

On the whole, Victrolas are worth anywhere between $500-$5,000, depending on the collector’s needs and how many repairs would be needed to make the machine run again, with fully functioning Victrolas being the most expensive and tabletops being the least.

How do you date a Victor Victrola?

You may find a paper license sticker located on the back, the bottom or on an inside wall or underneath your Victor or Victrola photograph, depending on model (picture on right). This sticker has a veritable plethora of patent and copyright dates printed all over it.

Where can I sell my old Victrola?

Where should I sell my phonograph? ANSWER: If you are trying to sell a Victor or Victrola, there are several alternatives that can work well. EBay, Craigslist, and other internet auction services have a lot of visibility with collectors, and can draw reasonable prices for the seller.

How do I find out how much a record is worth?

Here are four ways to determine the value of a vinyl record or record collection:

  1. Check record prices online. Use these online resources to check vinyl records values: …
  2. Get a record price guide. You can purchase vinyl record price guides such as the following: …
  3. Get your records appraised. …
  4. Ask record stores, online and off.

How old is my Victrola?

As a general rule: External Horn Victors were made between 1901 and 1920, although the vast majority of these were produced in the 1902-1913 timeframe. Internal Horn Victrolas were made between 1906 and 1929. Orthophonic Victrolas (improved sound) were made between 1925 and 1929.

What is my Victor Victrola worth?

Most Victrola (internal horn) models are still quite commonly found at estate sales and on EBay, with the average selling price in the $50 to $200 range for typical `attic-stored` machines.

What is the most valuable 78 record?

Tommy Johnson’s 1930 cut ‘Alcohol and Jake Blues’ goes for $37,100 on eBay. An original Paramount Records blues release has become the most expensive 78rpm record ever sold after a buyer forked out $37,100 in an online auction.

Are 78 records worth anything?

He said that on average a rare jazz 78 might sell for $1,500 to $5,000, whereas sales for a comparable blues record would start at $5,000.

What year did the Victrola record player come out?

Victrola, one of the leading turntable manufacturers, was born in 1906 in Camden, NJ when first introduced to the American public by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

What is the free gift from Victrola?

Purchase any music system or record player from this collection and receive a FREE Album valued up to $30! To redeem: add both items to your cart, then use Coupon Code “FREEALBUM” to see your discount at checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Who owns Victrola brand?

A Long Island consumer electronics company is rebranding its nostalgia turntable line after acquiring the historic Victrola trademark for a six-figure sum, the company’s owner says.

What do you call Victrola records?

ANSWER: Victors and Victrolas will play any laterally-cut 78 RPM record. This would include most flat shellac records, with the exception of some early Edison and Pathe discs, which used a vertical cutting method.

Are Victrolas good record players?

The sound quality was fantastic. I then played my CD Beat Street, by Rick Braun. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” But for those looking to just play vinyl, this Victrola works well on that front, too. “We’ve only used two of the speeds for playing vinyl records, and they’re both great.

What are Victrola records made of?

Generally 78s are made of a brittle material which uses a shellac resin (thus their other name is shellac records).

How do I know if my vinyl record is worth money?

Vinyl Record Price Guide

  1. Step 1: Identify the Vinyl Release. Most albums have been issued more than once, resulting in different release versions. …
  2. Step 2: Navigate To The Discogs Release Page. …
  3. Step 3: Find Prices In The Statistics Section.

What is the rarest vinyl record?

Rarest Vinyl Ever: A Guide To 10 Of The Most Expensive Records

  • 4: Prince: ‘The Black Album’ (LP, 1987) …
  • 3: The Beatles: ‘The Beatles’ (2LP, 1969) …
  • 2: Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (7” single, 1977) …
  • 1: The Quarrymen: That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger (10” acetate, 1958)

Are any vinyl records worth money?

There are many valuable vinyl records out there, including perhaps the most expensive Motown/northern soul 7 Inch ever, Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), recorded by Frank Wilson in 1965, and which sold for over £25,000/$31,000 at auction in 2009.

What is a Victrola?

noun. a. Also called: acoustic gramophone. a device for reproducing the sounds stored on a record: now usually applied to the nearly obsolete type that uses a clockwork motor and acoustic horn. US and Canadian name: phonograph.

How do I fix my Victrola record player?

First, unplug the machine and remove the turntable. Then, use a soft brush to clean any dust or debris from the motor. Once you’ve done this, reassemble the machine and try turning it on again.

How much is a Victrola VV 80 worth?

The original 1921 selling price of the VV-80 was $100.00, which equates to more than $1,400.00 in today’s money.

Where is the serial number on a Victrola?

In order to view some plates, the turntable should first be lifted straight up and then off the motorboard. Each dataplate has a serial number found on the right and a model identification that is stamped on the left. Each model comes with a unique serialization.

How do you clean old Victrola records?

Wipe Down Your Records With a Microfiber Cloth

The best way to wipe down your records is by using a microfiber cloth along with a cleaning fluid of your choice. Once you have wiped your records down with a cleaning solution, follow up by using a dry microfiber cloth to clean off any remaining particles.

What do I do with old 78 records?

Donate 78s

  1. Donate 78s. We will digitize your collection and preserve the physical discs for the long term. …
  2. Include your digitized collection. If you have already digitized 78s or related books or media, we’d like to include your work in the collection.
  3. Digitize your collection. …
  4. Share knowledge.

Does anyone buy old 78 records?

Our 78 buyer has 30 years of experience buying and selling 78s. He has purchased major 78 collections in the US and abroad, run worldwide mail order auctions and fixed price sales over this period, and will share his knowledge of the 78 market in an honest straightforward appraisal of your collection.

Where can I sell my 78 rpm records?

If you want to sell it yourself and you have a lot of high-quality stuff (;$5 per record), you could post them on Facebook’s 78 RPM Sell & Trade group or list on or even Facebook Marketplace or Sometimes even lesser-quality records can be listed.

What vintage vinyl records are worth money?

Those Were the Days: 25+ Best Vinyl Records Worth a Fortune Today

  • Elvis Presley, ‘That’s All Right’ (1954) …
  • The Beatles, ‘Please Please Me’ (1963) …
  • Miles Davis, ‘Kind of Blue’ (1959) …
  • The Who, ‘The Who Sell Out’ (1967) …
  • Nirvana, ‘Bleach’ (1989) …
  • XTC, ‘Science Friction’ (1977) …
  • David Bowie, ‘The Prettiest Star’ (1973)

How much are Elvis 78 records worth?

The 78 rpm record, with its tattered yellow label, was once valued at $500,000 by Record Collector magazine, but in reality sold for $240,000 dollars (£160,000) in the Graceland auction. With a 25% auction house premium of $60,000 dollars (£40,000), the total buyer price came to $300,000.

How much are old 78s worth?

Collectors of 78s pay high prices for anything in good condition issued by companies such as Vogue, Black Patti, Black Swan, Autograph, Berliner, Fonotipia. They start at $20 and go up, up, up.

When did they stop making Victrola records?

The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American recording company and phonograph manufacturer that operated independently from 1901 until 1929, when it was acquired by the Radio Corporation of America and subsequently operated as a subsidiary called RCA Victor.

What is an antique record player worth?

According to, working antique players generally sell for between $180-$250, while those that aren’t, go for less than $100. If you are trying to sell your record player, check local classified ads and marketplaces to gauge a fair price and then price it accordingly.

Where are Victrola record players made?

Victrola, a maker of record players since the early 1900s, is still around and has moved its HQ to Denver.

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