Are trading stamps worth anything?

Are S&H stamps worth anything?

S&H Green Stamps do have some value as collectibles, but you can’t redeem them for goods anymore. If you’re interested in buying or selling vintage stamps, you can find them on websites like eBay. I sent my books by certified mail.

Where can I redeem my S&H Green Stamps?

S&H started to go downhill in the 1970s and was eventually purchased by a holding company which since 2000 has been offering “greenpoints. ” You can redeem your old green stamps one-to-one for greenpoints, which can be used to get a gift card or gift certificate. You can get the details at

Are trading stamps still used?

During the 1980s there was a brief resurgence in the popularity of trading stamps, but overall their use continued to decline. Their role has been replaced by coupons, rewards programs offered by credit card companies and other loyalty programs such as grocery “Preferred Customer” cards.

Are Gold Bond stamps worth anything?

Can you still redeem Gold Bond stamps? A. Unfortunately no, but Gold Bond stamps may still be worth something to collectors. We contacted and were told they no longer accept Gold Bond stamps for redemption.

Can S&H Green Stamps still be redeemed?

Green Stamps were offered in certain regions beginning in 1896 but they were most widely distributed in the U.S. from the 1930s to the 1980s, with a peak in the 1960s and ’70s. Did you know you can still redeem any you might find lying around? Yep. S;H is still in business, only altered for a digital world.

What are top value stamps?

Grocers, drug stores, and gas stations posted signage outside to denote which type of saving stamps were offered. Locally, Top Value stamps were available at Kroger’s supermarkets. Savings stamp programs began in the 1950’s as an incentive program for shoppers to purchase goods with cash, instead of store credit.

What does the S & H stand for in S Green Stamps?

S;H Green Stamps were the first trading stamps popular across the U.S. and Europe, although the company did have competitors. “S;H” stands for the Sperry ; Hutchinson Co., which was founded by Thomas Sperry and Shelley Byron Hutchison in 1896, according to Greg Hatala in a 2013 article on

What grocery store gave S Green Stamps?

There were S;H stores in various locations around town as early as 1953 and as late as 1978, though one could redeem via catalogs as well. The stores were associated with Sunshine Food Markets, which, unsurprisingly, offered the stamps in all of their stores. In 1981, the S;H company was sold.

What year did Green Stamps end?

For those who don’t know about green stamps, the Sperry & Hutchinson Company (S&H) started by Thomas Sperry and Shelley Hutchinson in 1896, created stamps to use for its loyalty program and were named S&H Green Stamps. Green stamps were popular from the 1930s through the 1980s.

What is the meaning of trading stamps?

a form of sales promotion used by retailers in which customers receive stamps or coupons in proportion to the amount of their purchases; the stamps can be redeemed later for merchandise.

What were Blue Chip Stamps used for?

Blue Chip Stamps started as a trading stamps company called “Blue Chip Stamp Co.” They were a competitor of S&H Green Stamps. Blue Chip stamps were a loyalty program for customers, similar to discount cards issued by pharmacies and grocery stores in the digital era.

How do you trade stamps?

One way to trade stamps is face to face. Probably the best way to get your foot in the door in face-to-face trading is to join your local stamp club. All major metropolitan areas and many smaller cities and larger towns have at least one local stamp club.

Who gave goldbond stamps?

With $55 of borrowed capital, the 23-year-old Carlson registered the Gold Bond Stamp Company with the Clerk of District Court in Minneapolis on June 8, 1938, in the midst of the Great Depression.

Are green shield stamps worth anything?

The Green Shield Stamp Company never redeemed them for cash, but the value was for legal reasons. The original stamps had the value of 0.075d making each stamp worth 0.03p today. Not much then.

What are Eagle stamps?

1903 Eagle Stamps were introduced by the May Company at its Famous store downtown. (Later Famous-Barr) Stamps were awarded for purchases, at first one stamp for each 10 cents, and redeemable for cash or merchandise. The Eagle Stamp Division of the May Company soon expanded to all sorts of merchants.

What are green points?

What is a Green Point? Green point are used to get rid of waste can’t be thrown into street containers. By using this service we contribute to improve the recycling process and help preserving the environment.

What are plaid stamps?

We had “green” stamps, “blue” stamps, “gold” bond stamps and “plaid” stamps. They were about the size of postage stamps and were given out by the merchants as an incentive for paying cash and not buying items on credit. The stamps were placed in a booklet and each page was worth 50 points.

What is a Gold Strike saving stamp?

They were sort-of the rewards card of the day – they weren’t necessarily linked to the store itself – but you’d go there because their sign would say something like “We Give Gold Strike Stamps”. You’d put your stamps in a book, and dream big dreams about the wondrous things you will redeem them for.

What were the yellow stamps called?

Similar in appearance to postage stamps, trading stamps are small, adhesive-backed coupons. These stamps were once frequently given to consumers when they purchased merchandise from certain retailers. The trading stamps were pasted in small books that could later be redeemed for other merchandise.

How did S&H Green Stamps make money?

S&H sold its stamps to retail stores that would then give them out to customers as an incentive to shop at their store over a competitor’s or to buy more of a particular product. Customers would collect the stamps, which ranged in value from one to 50 points, and place them in a book provided free by S;H.

What were grocery store stamps?

Trading stamp companies made their profits by buying merchandise at wholesale prices and selling it for stamps at retail prices. Retailers said stamps generally cost them 2 percent of their sales, with stores hoping to make up the cost of purchasing the stamps by the increased business they generate.

What could you get with Green Stamps?

The books contained 24 pages and filling a page required 50 points, so each book contained 1,200 points. Shoppers could then exchange filled books for premiums, including housewares and other items, from the local Green Stamps store or catalog.

Where did you get green shield stamps from?

The stamps were given away at filling stations, corner shops and supermarkets. When the customer had collected sufficient stamps in collectors’ books, the shopper claimed merchandise from a catalogue or S&H Green Stamps shop.

What are trading stamps in sales promotion?

trading stamp, printed stamps given as a premium by retailers to customers and redeemable for cash or merchandise from the trading stamp company when accumulated in specified amounts. Retailers sponsor trading stamp programs as a means of building customer loyalty.

Can you redeem Blue Chip Stamps?

Blue Chip Stamps, Inc. produces and distributes trading stamps. The Company offers stamps that can be redeemed at selected retailers for merchandise.

Are Blue Chip Stamps still around?

(Collectors now get their goods by mail order.) Blue Chip’s still around but, Bird says, “so small you’re not seeing it any more. Our main customers now are bowling centers,” where stamps are given out as promotions. Blue Chip’s stamp service revenues are down to about $1 million a year.

What are Triple S Blue Stamps?

Known as Triple?S Blue Stamps, these premiums are given these are given out at all company and thousands of other retail stores and redeemed at numerous redemption centers. They are handled by a wholly owned subsidiary called the Stop ; Save Trading Corporation.

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