Are the defranco family parents still alive?

Where is the DeFranco family?

Tony and Benny appeared in Port Colborne, Ontario in 2001 at a reunion. Tony, who was building his career in real estate with Sotheby’s International Realty in California, made occasional concert appearances as part of the Super 70’s tour. DeFranco family members are still close today and live in California.

Is Tony DeFranco married?

How many albums did the DeFranco family have?

How old are the DeFranco family?

The group, all siblings, consisted of guitarist Benny DeFranco (born 11 July 1953); keyboardist Marisa DeFranco (born 23 July 1954); guitarist Nino DeFranco (born 19 October 1955); drummer Merlina DeFranco (born 20 July 1957); and lead singer Tony DeFranco (born 31 August 1959).

What nationality is the name DeFranco?

De Franco Name Meaning

Italian: variant of Di Franco.

Who were the members of the defranco family?

What does the last name defranco mean?

The surname Defranco is a name for “Franc.” The surname Franchi can be traced to the Norman given name Franc, which was a name for the Germanic peoples, the Franks, who inhabited the lands around the Rhine River in Roman times.

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