Are pet foxes allowed in washington state?

Can you own a fox in Washington State?

Animals illegal to own under this law are: Bats. Skunks. Foxes.

What pets are not allowed in Washington state?

It is illegal to own animals that pose a threat to people, livestock, or domestic animals. Animals include Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Wolves, Bears, Monkeys, Marmosets, Lemurs, Cobras, Rattlesnakes, Crocodiles, and Alligators.

Can you have a pet Fennec Fox in Washington?

Despite Washington State’s laws, the possession of potentially dangerous wild animals, such as monkeys, tigers, bears, and snakes, is illegal. Likewise, it is against the law to possess a wild animal that is native or natural to Washington State (for example).

Which states allow pet foxes?

It is legal to own a fox in the following 15 states:

  • Arkansas.
  • Florida.
  • Indiana.
  • Kentucky.
  • Michigan.
  • Missouri.
  • Nebraska.
  • New York.

Can you have a raccoon as a pet in Washington?

A week later, an officer showed up at the Greer’s West Seattle house to seize Mae because raccoons are not legally allowed as pets in Washington.

Can you own an owl in Washington State?

The United States does not allow private individuals to keep native owls as pets–they may only be possessed by trained, licensed individuals while being rehabilitated, as foster parents in a rehabilitation facility, as part of a breeding program, for educational purposes, or certain species may be used for falconry in …

Can you have a fox as a pet?

The reality is they don’t make great pets, and in some states it is illegal to own one. Foxes are wild animals, meaning they have not been domesticated. Unlike other species like dogs and cats, which have been bred to live easily with people, foxes don’t do well as indoor animals.

How many animals can you own in Washington?

No more than three small animals such as dogs and cats (unless your property is over 20,000 square feet) Up to eight domestic fowl (more for lots over 10,000 square feet) are allowed, but no roosters.

Are hedgehogs legal in Washington State?

It’s currently illegal to own a hedgehog in California; Georgia; Hawaii; New York City; Omaha, Nebraska; and Washington, D.C. Other states and cities may have specific restrictions or require a permit to keep one.

Can I own a kangaroo in Washington state?

In Illinois, Idaho, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin it is legal to keep a kangaroo as a pet, while in the rest of the US it is completely illegal.

Are ferrets legal in Washington?

So are ferrets.

As with hedgehogs, it’s illegal to keep ferrets as pets in California, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington, DC. These mammals — which belong to the same genus as weasels — are also prohibited in other cities such as Dallas, Texas, and Columbia, Missouri.

Can I own a monkey in Washington state?

In Washington State, it is illegal to possess potentially dangerous wild animals, such as monkeys, bears, tigers and venomous snakes. It is also illegal to possess any wild animal who naturally lives in Washington State (ie., squirrels, crows) unless you are transporting the animal to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

How much is a pet fox?

They’re a little unconventional, and they require a little bit of extra attention, but if you want a pet fox, you can have a pet fox. All you need is $8,000 and the approval of Kay Fedewa, the exclusive importer of domesticated foxes in the US.

Can a fox breed with a dog?

Short answer: no, they can’t. They simply don’t have compatible parts. (Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends: witness Juniper the Fox and Moose the Dog, above). The longer answer to why dog-fox hybrids can’t exist has to do with the two species having vastly different numbers of chromosomes.

Do pet foxes stink?

The most common pet fox species, red foxes, are notorious among exotic pet owners for their pungent, skunk-like odor. Foxes have a musky aroma that helps convey their status and mark their territory, but the smell of their urine is especially strong.

Are wolf dogs legal in Washington state?

It’s not legal in Washington to privately own or breed wolves. But the animals’ former owner, Rick Miracle, said the female, named Cheyenne, isn’t a full-blooded wolf. He calls her a “high-content wolf-dog,” and said that her wolf content is so high that the dog portion wouldn’t register on a test.

Are sugar gliders legal in Washington?

Sugar gliders are usually most vocal at night due to their nocturnal lifestyle. Although sugar gliders are legal to own in the State of Washington, they are illegal pets in certain other states.

Can you own an otter in Washington?

The North American river otter is the only river otter found in north of Mexico. It is illegal in all US States to keep this indigenous otter as a pets.

Is it legal to have a possum as a pet?

People sometimes find orphaned possums and consider raising these cute animals as pets. It’s illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, though, and once they’re old enough to survive on their own, healthy possums can, and should, be released.

Can you have a pet hawk?

Hawks are protected by federal law under the migratory bird treaty act. As you might have guessed, this makes it illegal for anyone except a master falconer to own pet hawks. You simply can’t go out into the wild, catch a hawk, and take it home. That would be illegal.

Can you own a bobcat in Washington state?

There are no licenses or permits required for ownership of exotic animals. Bobcats and mountain lions are not allowed to be imported into the state, transported within the state (except for licensed game breeders), and future possession permits to keep these species will not be issued.

Are foxes more cat or dog?

Although red foxes are part of the Canidae family along with dogs, they have more in common with cats.

How long do pet foxes live?

How long does a fox live? Foxes in captivity can live up to about 14 years. However, in the wild, foxes usually only live a few years.

How do you tame a fox?

How many dogs can I own in WA?

In a residential area, Council limits each household to two dogs. The Dog Act of 1976 provides that owners need to ensure that their dog: Wears a collar, is microchipped (with current owner details) and the Council’s registration tag is attached when in a public place. Can be confined to the premises where it lives.

How many dogs can you legally own in Washington?

(1) A person may not own, possess, control, or otherwise have charge or custody of more than fifty dogs with intact sexual organs over the age of six months at any time.

Can you own a pitbull in Washington state?

Columbia Basin Herald, Moses Lake, Wash. As of Jan. 1, cities and towns in Washington that ban entire breeds of dogs or define them as potentially dangerous must create a “reasonable” process for exempting a well-behaved pooch.

Are savannah cats legal in Washington state?

In Washington state, keeping a serval is allowed by state law, and doing so does not require a special permit.

Are sloths illegal in the US?

As of 2022, it is legal to own a two-toed pet sloth in Alabama, Florida (with a permit), Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota (with health certificate), and Texas.

Where can I own a raccoon?

It’s legal to own a pet raccoon in the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

What is Washington state animal?

In 2009, the Olympic marmot, the only endemic mammal in Washington state, was designated as the state endemic mammal following a proposal from the 4th and 5th graders at Wedgwood School in Seattle. The Olympic Marmot inhabits the Olympic Peninsula in the western section of Washington.

Can you own a platypus?

Keeping a platypus as a pet is almost entirely out of the question. It’s threatened in the wild and it’s probably not even legal. Its care and diet are not easy to replicate for the hobbyist. As if you need any other reason, there’s one that might hit closer to home.

Are Axolotls illegal in Washington?

As many have noticed, axolotls are illegal to own as pets in some US states and Canadian provinces, as well as other parts of the world. In the United States, axolotls are illegal to own in California, Maine, New Jersey, and D.C., while a permit is required in New Mexico and Hawaii.

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