Are imgur links permanent?

Do Imgur links stay forever?

Forever! An image is only removed if deletion is requested.

Are Imgur links private?

They cannot be searched and only those people with whom you share the URL will be able to see them. All images uploaded to Imgur are available via their direct URLs at any time, which means they can never be completely secret.

Do Imgur posts get deleted?

Imgur may delete or remove public posts that break our terms of service or community rules. To request the deletion of a post or image, please submit the URL to our removal request form.

How do you delete something off Imgur?

How to Delete an Image from Imgur

  1. Logging on- Open up your web browser and go to …
  2. Deletion options- You will have several deletion options, based on whether you have an account or not. …
  3. Deletion for anonymous posting- When you upload an image to Imgur, you will be given a deletion link.

What can I use instead of Imgur?

Top 10 Alternatives to Imgur

  • Google Photos.
  • Flickr.
  • Photobucket.
  • Photos.
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic.
  • SmugMug.
  • Adobe Bridge.
  • ACDSee.

How does Imgur make money?

Imgur makes money from serving ads, via subscriptions, by selling items via its online store, as well as referral fees from its commercial API. Founded in 2009, Imgur has risen to become one of the world’s most frequented websites. It was acquired in September 2021 by MediaLab.

Are all Imgur posts public?

In particular, every image uploaded to Imgur is public – whether uploaded directly without going through a user account, or uploaded via a user account – and has its own URL. No matter what your privacy settings are, every image can always be accessed and viewed by anyone who types in that exact URL.

Who can see my hidden photos on Imgur?

Hidden posts are never entirely private because they can always be accessed by other people with access to the URL. A public post means that your post is shared with the Imgur community and is available for commenting, voting, and will appear in your user profile.

How do I change Imgur link?

1 Answer

  1. Alternative 1. Right-click on the image and choose Open Image in New Tab. …
  2. Alternative 2. Right-click on the image and choose Copy Image Address.
  3. Alternative 3. After you uploaded the image click on the little arrow on the top right corner of the image and go to Get share links.

Does Imgur delete inactive accounts?

To help keep your account active, be sure to log in at least once per year. Please note that accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

How do I report an image on Imgur?

At the top right of any post, or just below any comment, you’ll see a … menu to tap. This will open a bottom menu where you can select “report”. After choosing “Report” simply confirm this on the popup, and you’re done!

How do I make a private folder on Imgur?

Tap on Favorites in the header, then Folders. From here, select the folder you wish to change, and tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner. Tap `Edit Folder`. In this menu, you can change the privacy setting to either public or private.

Is Imgur royalty free?

Imgur’s Terms of Service as of December 2016 state that when you upload photos, you grant Imgur a “non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable worldwide license (with sublicense and assignment rights) to use, to display online and in any present or future media, to create derivative works of, to allow downloads …

Does Imgur compress images?

Imgur uses both types of compressions. Every image that goes in is compressed by lossless compression because there’s no reason not to. It reduces the size of the images with no downside. Lossy compression is only used when the image is above a certain file size (5MB for pro, 1MB for standard).

Is there a NSFW version of Imgur?

You can also still upload NSFW images to Imgur as long as they’re marked “hidden.” The move came because, as Imgur wrote in its post, “over the years, these pages have put Imgur’s user growth, mission, and business at risk.” That’s oddly strong language to use, and it points to Reddit’s own problems with moderation.

What does Imgur stand for?

He confessed, “I really liked imgur because it sort of puts two abbreviations together; img for image, and ur for your. So it doubles as Your Imager.” (This is where we’re required to note that the site is pronounced with a soft G, according to the platform itself.

How do you post NSFW pictures on Reddit?

NSFW subreddits and user profiles are not allowed to use Reddit’s native image/video upload. You will have to host your content on another site and make link posts.

Does Imgur cost money?

Imgur has been generating revenue primarily through ads and Pro accounts. However, Imgur recently announced that its Pro features are now available for free. Imgur’s Pro tools used to cost $3 per month with a discount at $24 per year.

How much is Imgur worth?

To date, Imgur has raised $40.1 million in a Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz, giving the startup a post-money valuation of $224.1 million, according to PitchBook.

How much did MediaLab pay for Imgur?

For example, the once-hyped Genius was bought by MediaLab earlier this month for $80 million, reportedly less than what it had raised in venture capital over the years.

Does Imgur keep metadata?

Imgur’s team once stated they strip EXIF data before they share your picture, but for extra security you can share the picture through an app like Scrambled EXIF before sharing it to Imgur.

Can you see who viewed your Imgur?

From within your account, click any image thumbnail to bring up the image information, including stats. Our beloved Imgur Pro users will receive a full list of referrers that shows from where your images are being linked around the web. “Direct” traffic counts views that have no referrer.

How does Imgur work?

It hosts images for free in various formats, including animated Gif files, supported by advertising, with paid-for professional accounts available. Those images are kept online for free, only deleted if the image is not accessed at least once during any six-month period.

How do I hide a post on Imgur?

First things first, navigate to the post you’re looking to set as hidden. At the top of your post, open the options menu and select “Make post hidden”. You’ll be asked to confirm this before it happens. Once your post has been set to hidden, it can be viewed via its direct URL.

How do I post on Imgur without an account?

As mentioned you can upload to Imgur even without an account but with few drawbacks. There is option to use Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook or even Yahoo to log in faster. 2. Once done, click on the New post option at the top left beside the Imgur logo.

How do you get a direct link on Imgur?

How to get a direct picture URL in Imgur

  1. Start with uploading the image you want to host. Like in other services, you can either drag;drop, or use the Add Images button.
  2. Next, click the uploaded image.
  3. And finally, copy the direct URL from the Direct Link field on the right. No tricks or other steps are required.

How do I create a direct image link?

How to upload images for direct URL in Google Drive

  1. Create a folder on your disk.
  2. Allow public access to the folder.
  3. Create the content.
  4. Get the URL id of the image.
  5. Generate the direct image URL.
  6. BONUS: The best Instagram gallery for your website!

How do I get an image URL?

Get an image URL

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Search for the image.
  3. In Images results, click the image.
  4. In the right panel, click More Share .
  5. Under “Click to copy link,” click the URL.

How do I delete my Imgur account from Google?

Go to your account settings page by clicking on your username in the upper right-hand corner, then on ‘settings’. 2. From there, choose the ‘delete my account’ option in the bottom right hand of the window. You will have the option to select a checkbox to delete your images.

How many images are on Imgur?

In total Imgur hosts approximately 2,020,461,689 images, based on these calculations.

Can you edit images on Imgur?

Upload, Edit ; Share Your Images Online With Imgur, The Simple Image Editor. Everybody needs a decent image editor. There are times when you’ll need to crop, rotate or make other light edits to your images.

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