Are beanie babies worth anything without a tag?

How do I find out what my Beanie Babies are worth?

A retired Beanie Baby will usually fetch more at auction than one in current production since there’s a finite number of that character available. To check and see if your Beanie is retired, you can check the Ty website.

What does no stamp on tush tag mean?

No Stamp on inside Tush Tag -Means Handmade Not mass produced P.V.C. Pellets (Means 1st Edition) PATTI # 4025 1-6-93 Fareham Hants PO15 5TX No comma between Oakbrook and IL on both tags. No Stamp on inside Tush Tag -Means Handmade Not mass produced P.V.C. Pellets (Means 1st Edition)

What type of Beanie Babies are worth money?

These are the 20 most expensive beanie babies in the world:

  • Humphrey the Camel – $1,200.
  • Employee the Bear – $3,000.
  • Nana the Monkey – $4,000.
  • Peace the Bear – $5,000.
  • Snort the Red Bull – $6,500.
  • Halo the Bear – $7,500.
  • Mcdonald’s International Bears – $10,000.
  • Patti the Platypus – $10,000.

Are Beanie Babies worth anything 2021?

How can you tell if a Beanie Baby is first edition?

To ensure you’ve got a first edition, you need to look at the hang tag. 1st edition tags do not open like a book. The tag should also have the year 1993 or 1994 on the back. The originals got made in China or Korea.

What are the 9 original Beanie Babies?

The “Original Nine” Beanie Babies were: Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Brownie the Bear (later renamed Cubbie the Bear), Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Patti the Platypus, Chocolate the Moose, Spot the Dog, and Pinchers the Lobster!

Can I sell my Beanie Babies?

Although you can sell Beanie Babies locally, you’ll get the most exposure and the most interest from buyers if you sell online. How you write a listing is important, however. These tips can help: Mention the name of your Beanie Baby in the listing name to make it easy to search.

What is a retired Beanie Baby?

When a Beanie Baby is retired, it is no longer produced by Ty, though if Ty has some remaining in its stock, these may be shipped to retailers.

What are tag errors on Beanie Babies?

Some beanies have oddities. One such oddity is where you might find the wrong name on a Beanie Baby’s tush tag. In the 1990’s when the toys were popular this tush tag error made the toy worth two to three dollars more. Today, even with this oddity, it does nothing to increase value.

Where can I sell my Beanie Babies for the most money?

Best Sites to Sell Beanie Baby Collections

  • Craigslist.
  • eBay.
  • Etsy.
  • PlushCollector.

What is the rarest Beanie baby in the world?

1. Curly the Bear. While Curly might just look like a stuffed bear toy, it’s actually one of the rarest and most collectible Beanie Babies thanks to a litany of errors. One Curly bear listed on eBay had mismatched dates on tags and typos in the poem, among other things.

Are Mcdonald’s Beanie Babies worth anything?

According to Love Antiques, the mini Potato Head Kids from 1987 could fetch up to $120; TY Beanie Babies from 2000 could fetch up to $400 and a complete set of Happy Meal Power Rangers may net you $300.

What are the top 20 most valuable Beanie Babies?

The 20 Most Expensive Beanie Babies of All Time

  1. Princess the Bear – $500,000.
  2. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant – $50,000. …
  3. Brownie the Bear – $20,000. …
  4. Valentino the Bear – $19,000. …
  5. Claude the Crab – $10,000. …
  6. Halo the Bear – $7,500. …
  7. Seaweed the Beanie Baby – $7,000. …
  8. Peanut the Elephant – $7,000. …

Which Mcdonalds Beanie Babies are worth the most?

Top 10 Most Expensive Beanie Babies

  • Mystic the Unicorn – $9,861. …
  • Pinchers the Lobster – $10,000. …
  • Valentina the Bear – $11,111. …
  • Halo the Bear – $12,000. …
  • The End the Bear – $14,000. …
  • Hippity the Rabbit – $19,999.99. …
  • Derby the Horse – $20,000. …
  • Princess the Bear + Digital Art – $25,000.

What was the first Ty Beanie Baby ever made?

There were nine original Beanie Babies, which includes: Legs the Frog, Squealer the Pig, Spot the Dog, Flash the Dolphin, Splash the Whale, Chocolate the Moose, Patti the Platypus, Brownie the Bear (later renamed “Cubbie”), and Pinchers the Lobster (with some tag errors labeled “Punchers”).

How much did Beanie Babies cost in 1990s?

Beanie Babies — the slumpy, pellet-stuffed animals that retailed for $5 — became a hot collector item with skyrocketing prices and an outsized belief that the right stuffed bear might one day fund your kids’ college education.

Do I have a rare Beanie Baby?

Generation four and onwards don’t carry a collectible premium. A quick rule of thumb is to look at the “ty” on the tag. If it has a star, logo, or other design on the upper right above the “ty,” it’s probably a newer generation Beanie Baby.

Do people still collect Beanie Babies?

The market for Beanie Babies didn’t vanish entirely after the crash, but today’s market does look different — and indeed, the vast majority of them aren’t worth much. There are still expensive Beanie Babies out there, they’re just nowhere as well-known as, for example, the Princess bear.

What are the most wanted Ty Beanie Babies?

41 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

  • Claude the Crab. …
  • Halo the Bear. …
  • Gobbles the Turkey. …
  • Snort the Red Bull. …
  • The Peace Bear. Even if you don’t have the full collection of the 15- and 9-inch Peace Bear, you still could make up to $5K on the Peace Bear alone.
  • Iggy the Iguana. beanie_baby_babies. …
  • Nana the Monkey. tyinc. …
  • Spangle. tyinc.

What can I do with my Beanie Babies?

Beanie Babies: What To Do With Them!

  • Keep a few: When I began sorting, the kids kept about 10 for themselves. …
  • Donate them to your local library: This is where the majority of mine went! …
  • Contact your local police station or fire station: Some may accept them and give them to children in crisis.

How many different Beanie Babies are there?

Beanie Babies: Beanie Babies, the oldest and arguably most popular Beanie creations, come in a variety of styles including 822 types of animals (144 have multiple versions).

Are Beanie Babies selling on eBay?

Despite the growing popularity of other e-commerce sites (read: Amazon), eBay has remained the go-to place to buy and sell rare goods, including Beanie Babies.

Are Beanie Babies with PVC pellets worth more?

Most of these beanie babies were made with polyethylene (PE) pellets, which aren’t worth much. The ones that hold value are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pellets. You can sell Princess the Bear beanie babies anywhere from $10,000-$600,000.

Are any Beanie Babies worth money 2022?

Employee the Bear is a true collectors item, the pinnacle of any collection and the most valuable Beanie Baby of 2022. These are so rare, there are no recent sale listings on ebay. If you’re after one expect to pay up big, but make sure it’s fully authenticated and from a reputable seller!

How much is a halo Beanie Baby worth?

Halo the Bear – $4,000

It may be that Halo was one of the most expensive bears to produce because of her iridescent fabric, which explains in part why some examples have sold for thousands of dollars.

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